Film & Design

Raphaël Bluzet

Music video
June 2018

A music video, for a young artist Camille Esteban.
It’s a mix between dream and reality, between live and animation.
It’s a full craft project, everything is drawn and the blue circle screen is handmade.

Conception and Direction : Raphaël Bluzet
Chef Opérateur : Gaultier Durbin
Assistant Camera : Robin Nicolas
Assistant : Francois Riesterer
Basketball player : Camille Eleka
Maquillage/Coiffure : Melissa Gaboriau
Color grading : Maxime Mourey
Drawings: Blandine Drouin and Raphaëll Bluzet
Animation : Raphaël Bluzet
Logo: Julien Paris
Management: Fatou Sow (Slingshots Music)

Special thanks:
Jean Thomas Miquelot
Agnès b., Stéphanie Janus et Valérie Teule Vergez.
Emmanuel Eveno and Vincent Milleret
Fred Norguet and Fred Grammage
John Krischer

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Licence Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND